Photographer: Luis Rafael

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eye Candi Trevor Adams

Man of the Week

A little about Trevor.
Trevor was born and raised in Huston Texas. His parents divorced when he was very young resulting in a strict but unpredictable upbrining.  Trevor started working at the age of 7 mowing lawns.  Struggling with family issues it wasn't until Trevor graduated highschool that found his niche in life. He wanted to be a model.
Trevor currently works at a marketing VP and will be in a movie releasing in 2012.

Stats: 6'0" Measurements: 48-32-38 Shoe size: 12 gotta love the details.
What does Trevor have to say to his fans:
"Fans are number one no question. Without fans I have no one but myself to motivate me."
The editor here at Bada Bing is still working hard to get you the normal juicy details. stay tuned


  1. Wow! That's it, just wow!

  2. Wow !!! I would really like to meet Trevor Adams, he is very hot an well.